Purification Lodge

A Cleansing and renewal ceremony using heated stones, water, and prayer. This ceremony comes from North American Tribal Cultures and has many names – Inipi and Sweat Lodge to name a few. A structure is made from willows in the shape of a dome. Willows are used as a symbol of strength in small numbers and great flexibility. The dome is tied together with simple cotton broad cloth. Ours uses colors from the Four Directions of Yellow for the East and the Rising Sun; Red for the South and the Fire of Transformation; Blue for the West and Life Giving Water; White for the North and the Honoring of the Earth and our Ancestors. The dome holds up the blankets, which in turn hold in the heat of the stones. The stones are placed in a fire outside of the Purification Lodge and are heated for many hours prior to entering the Sacred Ceremony. The Ceremony begins in a sacred respect with Smudging the area with Sage, then covering the lodge and building the fire. Drumming and Singing are encouraged as the community gathers for prayers. A meal contributed by all follows the ceremony. The area where the Lodge is established should only be used for this Prayer Ceremony. The fire and its ashes remain protected and sacred. No other fires or use of the fire pit is permitted, like burning trash or roasting food products. Lodges are supported by many tribal traditions and have great variations to the specific songs sung, use of herbs during ceremony, and how the actual ceremony is conducted. Always honor the elders who pour the water and tend the fire with donations to support their families and their ministry.