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Herbal Wisdom, Body Literacy, Emotional Healing, Connectivity


Sweat Lodge, Handfasting, Sacred Sister Circle, Tiyoweh, Maiden-Mother-Crone, Blessingway, Red Tent, White Lodge Crossing

Sacred Journeys

Travel to sacred sites creating ceremony with Tribal Elders from all over the world.


Sacred Pregnancy & Birth, Health Advocacy and Spiritual Coaching

Rites of Passage

by Kelli Johnson, Medicine Woman
Living Life Connected

Rites of Passage with Kelli Johnson has been magically brewing within the realm of the Wise Womans Ways for over 35 years. It takes a while for life to present the opportunities of learning, gathering experience, applying the knowledge and forging the wisdom. Kelli has over three decades of experience in Herbal Wisdom, Midwifery, and Spiritual Ceremony and continues to passionately serve women at every season of life gain connectivity to their goals through education, empowerment and transformational practices.

About Kelli Johnson

Kelli is many things to many people. She is a weaver of webs in all her roles and brings her multi-disciplinary knowledge together with her artisan way to embody a true wise woman.

Serving the Central Florida community since 2000 as a homebirth midwife, Kelli has attended over a thousand births. In early 2016, Kelli shifted her service to focus on sharing her wisdom with a larger audience.


Kelli’s been consciously working with plant medicine since she was a teen & has studied under renowned herbalists the world over. She creates herbal medicines & personal care products, along with her halfside, Coyote, through Coyote’s Natural Medicine.

Spiritual Guide

Kelli has a blended native lineage and is a weaver of magic in North, Central & South American indigenous tribal traditions, having trained with shamans and medicine people worldwide. Her path is one of the rainbow bridge, bringing these sacred teachings to non-indigenous people in all four directions.

Artist & Musician

Kelli is a singer/songwriter who performs as Mother Medicine. Leathercraft, beading, woodworking, photography and painting are just some of the ways in which she creates. Kelli also designs & builds sacred installations throughout the Johnson Manor.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


Weaving A Circle of Women & Families for Decades

The Magic Web

Other portals connected to Kelli
Johnson Manor
Johnson Manor
Kelli & Coyote’s Homestead
A community gathering spot and power portal on several acres where Kelli lives with her husband Coyote and family. She holds her retreats, classes and ceremonies on this sacred land and venue for special events.
A Mothers Nature
A Mothers Nature
Midwifery Portal for Families & Birthworkers
This is a community resource built on many years of Kelli Johnson’s time practicing as a midwife & will transition into a portal of wisdom for mothers and to educate a new generation of doulas and midwives.
Coyote’s Natural Medicine
Coyote’s Natural Medicine
Herbal Shoppe
Coyotes Natural Medicines represent the ultimate in healing creams, ointments, and tinctures which are grown, harvested, and extracted according to the dictates of nature. These ways were learned through study of native cultures the world over and are augmented by Coyotes 20 years of personal experience as a pharmacist. This combination brings to you the power of native preparations with the pharmaceutical elegance of a skilled old-time apothecary.

"Be the change you wish to see." Ghandi

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin