Sacred Journeys

We have been traveling the world and creating ceremony with Tribal Elders from all over the world.  Sitting in council, sharing wisdoms from their ancient stories, sitting on the Earth and listening, touching into the energies of the water and fire, breathing, quieting the mind and creating connectivity. Here are just a few photos from past excursions.

Adventure to Peru @ Sacred Valley, Peru
May 26 @ 2:00 pm – Jun 8 @ 3:00 pm
Adventure to Peru @ Sacred Valley, Peru

We have a packed schedule for this adventure.  Traveling out of Miami we will arrive in Lima for just enough time to get back on a plane for Cusco.  Once we arrive, we will have a nice lunch in the Cusco Square, do some light shopping and its off to our wonderful place in the Sacred Valley.  We will create much ceremony together on this adventure including prayers to the land, sweat lodge, and water blessing.  In these two weeks we will hike to the hot springs in Lares, visit the sacred site of Machu Piccu and Choquequirao, and the beautiful Rainbow Mountains.  Lots of adventure planned along the way!

This price includes round-trip air fare from Miami to Peru, all transportation while in Peru including train to Machu Piccu, entrance fees to Sacred Sites, meals while we are at Pacha Mama Wasi, tents & food while camping.  It’s a lot to do in two weeks and we are excited to be a part of the magic!